Welcome To David's Home Page

Hi! Welcome to my home page. My name is David Brandt. I am a 43 year old professional mechanical engineer living in Georgia. My wife's name is Valerie, and we have a 15 year old daughter, a 12 year old daughter, and an 8 year old daughter.

This site contains information on Christianity, Electric Vehicles (EV's), Family Photos, etc. Also other interesting links to be assigned as I have time.

A few words about Christianity

My Electric Cars and lots of EV stuff

A Current Resume and Achievements list

The NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers

Valerie's African Violet Care Tips

Check this out...I've written a book called THE TURNING POINT! Now available for download in multiple e-book formats from My Smashwords Book Page

My latest addition: The restoration of a 1970's GE Elec-Trak Lawn Tractor...E15 Restoration Home Page

BEGIN.EXE version 2  Right click the link and select "save target as" to download the classic shareware star trek game. There is a version that runs on windows out there (google for it), but it bogs down a whole lot even with just 2 ships. This one is still better.

user's manual  Right click here to download the user's manual for begin.exe, reformatted in .doc format.  I added explanations of some of the commands that were originally left out, and a tactics section.

This is a game that was really popular on the old DOS PC's. This version carried it over to basic graphics functionality on Windows PC's. Can you join the club by getting over 1000 on your evaluation?