Gasoline, and Diesel, and Wild, Wild Engines

by Lee Hart

A preachment, dear friends, you're about to receive
On the evils of big oil, big cars, I believe.
Hit it, boys


Gasoline, and diesel, and wild wild engines
They'll drive you crazy, they'll drive you insane.
Gasoline, and diesel, and wild wild engines
Quit using 'em now, if you got half a brain.

Once I was happy, and had a good wife.
I made enough money to last me fer life.
Then I bought me a car and we went on a spree
And now I'm addicted to oil, you see.


Some say that smokin' and drinkin's a sin
That's nothin' compared to the fix I am in
My smokin' and drinkin's a thousand times worse
But my car does it all; it's a terrible curse!


Gasoline is a blight on the whole human race.
Makin' wars and pollution all over the place
We're burnin' our money to poison our land
Makin' terrorists richer, I don't understand.


Write on the cross at the head of my grave
To big cars and oil here lies a poor slave.
Take warnin' poor stranger, take warnin' dear friend
If you don't quit 'em now, they'll get you in the end.


Hallelujah, brothers!

This is a parody of the song "Cigarettes and Whiskey and Wild Wild Women".